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  1. Beginning of autumn and winter when the handsome type of Martin boots is new balance running shoes
  2. Autumn and winter shoes, including the United States, at the foot of the scenery, but with Jun reward

    One to the cold autumn and winter a lot of Gu Liang who are rushing to pick all kinds of US clothing, but Xiao Bian want to say is: when they are crazy to buy buy buy 10 million do not forget to choose a pair of beautiful shoes , Or else you carefully dressed new balance womens trainers in the shape may be affected by the Oh, even more directly to the risk of it, so they are cool, the foot is also very worthy of attention, in order to let the girls worry save time, intimate small Series will be all kinds of autumn and winter the United States wantonly collecting a sneakers new balance lot of shoes, at the foot of the scenery, but with Jun reward, well, nonsense to stop, the United States to go shoes! Body in the South’s sister may not know exactly what the concept of minus new balance 890 womens 30 degrees, a word you will understand: “dripping into ice”! In this season a pair of warm and take into account the fashionable snow boots on the very appropriate, and thick inside the villi let you enjoy the comfort of the cold night snow fluttering beautiful Yo.


    Slim jeans + snow boots with the more common in the north, warm inside the villi warm index of five stars, and sleek cute snow boots and a slightly loose upper body against the background, suddenly chopsticks leg highlights Out, gray often careful machine. Wipe the toe + scrub upper comes a little retro Fan, velvet warm inside new balance running shoes to keep outlet new balance warm to the absolute, the heel Department with rivets and tassels made of decorative, but also add sub-stylish atmosphere, both warm and stylish, the North’s sister Not quickly won it! Cattle billet layer made of leather to help face, comes with matte texture of the first phase, the overall style is relatively simple, only in the upper with metal buckle made embellishment, more fashion sense, which is lamb hair, Warm + MAX, primer to do a non-slip new balance womens trainers treatment, the winter wear super comfort and beauty.


    Beginning of autumn and winter when the handsome type of Martin boots is definitely one of the hottest single product on the streets, fashion girls are abruptly with the foot of the Martin boots stepped out of some different kind of scenery, or retro or simple new balance store online or stylish, Are its interpretation womens new balance trainers of the most vividly, to the colder depths of winter, inside Riga cashmere Martin boots is still the darling of many US girl. Locomotive wind leather jackets + ride + Slim Leggings + Martin boots, I tell you, so to be handsome to wear no friends! Some sister must Tucao: This is not to wear cold to death of the baby! Rest assured, Martin boots inside is added velvet, upper body for a thick coat on the ok spicy, like this: a mint green Martin boots, stitching after the villi, the parts of the fur is a warm, warm good effect did not Words, coupled with ultra-positive lace-type shoes, easy tide cool throughout the winter.

  3. Slope with the boots, slope with the shoes of both the increased efficacy, wear is new balance women
  4. Thick with the boots, wearing new balance walking a comfortable long legs

    In general, the middle-aged female body will slowly start some small fat, calf is one of them, the figure the new balance store is not too high to pick the women’s boots not only appear more calf stout, and it seems easy to significantly short, Xiao Bian that , Boots more suitable for more than 40-year-old woman, not only comfortable to wear, but also can stretch the legs line, visual thin, wear is also nice, but also very comfortable. There are many types of boots, before buying to find out which suitable, for example, some women do not get used to high heels on the best choice flat shoes, or, or according to their professional needs, usually walking can also choose more Flat shoes, comfortable for the Well, followed by the new balance minimus road slope with the thick and with the boots, but also very suitable for women in their forties, very comfortable and very nice to wear, a high degree womens new balance of general new balance running shoes for women 3 to 5 cm most appropriate, according to their specific Of the adaptive capacity to choose.


    Flat boots, flat bottom is not used to wear high heels or high-heeled female design, very comfortable to wear, if you require more professional, you need to new balance 574 classic walk around the best choice flat shoes, after all, comfort is the most important, and Flat-bottomed shoes look simple and natural, very prominent temperament and charm. Thick with the boots, thick with the design than the thin with more comfortable to wear, and in recent years began to pop up with thick, small series before with the shoes do not like thick, but now more and more feel good-looking, very fashionable Taste, new balance tennis shoes women and a little bit with the whole can make you look more temperament yo remember.


    Slope with the boots, slope with the shoes of both the increased efficacy, wear is also very comfortable, as well as within the increased visual sense, but also significant feet, benefits a lot, but also depends on everyone’s personal preferences, simple Founder is more tennis new balance than 40-year-old woman needs, most fancy things but will self-defeating. Introduced mainly from the comfort of the external decoration of the shoes for not too many requirements, the same shoes for others may not be suitable for their own, so it is best to choose a comfortable and generous.

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