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  1. Walking in the cold wind of winter new balance mens walking shoes
  2. In the winter, the cool men who love to play cool often lose their temperature new balance store coupon because of the grace, new balance mens walking shoes how can they maintain the grace new balance tennis shoes men without losing the temperature? As the saying goes: Cold from the feet. When you wear enough leather new balance womens sneakers shoes and sneakers, you women new balance shoes can choose a pair of fashionable and warm cotton shoes in the autumn and winter to create your own real warm men’s style, warm winter.

    minimus new balance

    Today’s recommended cotton shoes, the appearance is not bloated and awkward, but also to ensure the temperature of our feet, to ensure the temperature in our body, let us have a warm winter. The shoe body is made of thick fabric, which has better hand feeling, beautiful appearance, warmth, thicker inner lining of the shoe sole, good comfort and durability, which is more conducive to protecting the foot and warming your ankle in winter. The thickened and velvet inner lining is made of selected plush material. It is light, soft and not bulky. It can play a very good new balance running shoes warmth effect. It is comfortable and soft, which can effectively reduce fatigue and fit the feet to give you better. Comfortable experience. Exquisite sewing thread, PU sewing design, compact, meticulous details, high firmness, fine, uniform, consistent, practical and beautiful. The non-slip rubber sole is more powerful and ensures its wear-resistant and lightweight features. It fits our feet and is effective against shock and wear, making it easy for you to travel. Four colors are available for you to choose from, and you can wear them to make you more handsome and stylish.
    Breaking the limit with you, returning to the basics, casual fashion, versatile and simple thick warm cotton shoes, vibrant colors, let your feet bid farewell to the cold, both temperature and grace, bring you a different new balance walking shoes women tide, The fine, soft fluff makes you warmer, warmer, and always there. You are not cold this winter. What are you shop new balance waiting for, take a cotton shoe like this and go home to warm your winter.

    new balance sneakers

  3. The origin of peas shoes is like this new balance on sale
  4. 133 peas are a common number. Extra large or small shoes, the number of peas will also increase or decrease. After the craftsman cut the leather, he made a hole in the sole of the shoe new balance classics w574 by hand. After the rubberized bean nail was inlaid into the hole, the position was not bad, and the skill at the bottom was absolutely powerful. The arrangement and size of the peas are new balance for women designed according to the effort of walking. This part of the peas is prepared when the heel is pressed against the ground while driving. The sole of the sole is a piece of leather. After the hole is embedded in the bean, it is hand-stitched with the upper. A special glue between the two pieces of leather is placed on the mold and sent to a furnace of about 80 degrees for drying for one day. After being sent to a cold box for cooling, the leather is returned to the elastic level after being shaped. The shallow mouth knot design, new balance 890 womens simple and stylish, the characteristics of good wear and tear are deeply loved by the light and softness of the shoes. The bottom of the new balance shoes for women peas with new balance walking sneakers a relaxed sole is glued to the leather surface with very fine workmanship. Anti-slip effect, some people describe the comfort of walking on a water bed

    men new balance
    Use a little water to wet the shoes, clean them, and pay attention to the strength when brushing the surface of the shoes. You can also choose a soft and moist clean towel. You can’t use the hair on the leather surface all the time. The towel should not be too wet, otherwise it will leave water stains. After washing, use a soft brush to brush out the hair. Otherwise, the leather will be damaged, and after the shoes are cleaned, they will be air-dried in a ventilated place. It usually takes 3-4 days to dry out, the skin of the upper will be a bit hard, don’t knead. Sprinkle some matte powder on new balance outlets the surface, apply it evenly, and brush it with a toothbrush. Put it in a cloudy, new balance sneakers for men new balance factory shop ventilated place for 1 day. After cleaning up, you can apply the powder and try to walk a few steps. If you don’t wear it, remember to use a newspaper group to put it into the shoes to prevent it from going out.

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