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  1. Pointed shoes is a classic style of every woman must-have, shop new balance
  2. Shoes shoes easy to wear broken, smart trick trickery repair
    Pointed shoes is a classic style of every woman must-have, new balance sneakers for men but people who know through the pointed tip of the toe easily damaged, look at the tip of the toe shoe tip can repair it? Tip shoes how to prevent wear? Tip pointed shoes tip break of course, be able to repair, the following small make up on the specific method: shoes tip easy to wear, you can wear the nail polish in the wear of shoes, and then shoe polish, so do not see it Wear it. If the skin is still worn new balance outlet away, then you can use egg white repair, with a cotton swab dipped in egg white, wear a thin layer of coating, and then cover the skin wear and pressed to make the egg new balance walking sneakers clear coagulation and Sticky, and finally shoe polish can be. If the leather shoes are scratched, it is necessary to use quick-drying glue, the first quick-drying adhesive evenly coated on both sides of new balance for women new balance outlet online the gap, and then hand pressure, the glue dry and then coated with wax, iron ironing, and then coated On the same color leather 揩 light pulp, wait until after doing so can be marked with shoe polish. Select a color of the same leather, new balance mens sneakers coated with a special glue on the back of the leather, glued to the wear Department, with a piece of cloth so good that the leather completely stick, and finally on the shoe polish. In the wear Department squeeze a professional make-up paste, and then evenly spread, so you can restore the original luster it!

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    1) When it has not been worn, it should start maintenance, shoes into the Xiezhu or newspapers to support shoe type. To the upper covered with a thin protective film to maintain its beauty.

    new balance men
    Effectively do the usual maintenance. Always check the shoes for damage. Remove dust new balance store online or dirt with a brush or detergent. And then wear durable shoes can not afford to wear every day, (shoes also need to rest), should be prepared for several pairs, in order to facilitate replacement. When the shoes wet Note: The first shoe-type retainer or newspaper into the shoes to fixed shoes. Place in a cool dry place to avoid direct sunlight. Wipe the leather with emollient shoe polish to make the leather shiny and nutritious. Sole also with the brush on weekdays to remove sludge and coated with oil or waterproofing agent. Use a mold cleaner to remove dirt and mold. To long-term collection, it should always take it out to prevent moldy, and should be placed in the box desiccant. Pay attention to your way of exercise, different sports wear different shoes, jogging shoes, casual shoes, sandals are not suitable for strenuous exercise.
    Buy high-heeled shoes before, we must first try! Although online shopping is now more and more developed, but did not try on new balance womens trainers to buy high-heeled shoes, the risk of suffering feet up to 99%! In addition, not only the size of the brand shoes have a gap, foot The size of the ministry will also change over time. Girl’s feet easily edema, want to wear comfortable, we must grasp the accurate time, the most swelling in your feet when trying on, it will not wear out in the morning quite comfortable, the afternoon on the painful. In addition to the new shoes are too hard will be worn outside the foot, the suture is often the reason to wear the foot, as long as the white back and forth with a candle smear the place where the foot will be worn, such as the heel and toe sides, can improve because the suture , Rough edges caused by friction problems.

  3. British style Martin boots flat boots women’s boots boots large size women’s sneaker new balance
  4. Do you know these secrets of slippers?
    This year, no matter what method you new balance sneakers use to stovepipe, keep in mind that the top priority is to get rid of the fat on your knees and make the skin smooth and firm. If there is excess fat here, the legs will look shorter and thicker, so think of ways to make it tighter here. So, a good pair of shoes is indispensable. The upper two sides of each set of three holes, breathable more comfortable: to help face wide, thick material, wearing a more stable in the end according to different parts of the foot design different stress area, concave and convex twill, comfortable non-slip, a variety of colors Fun good new balance running shorts mood. Slippers Female Bathroom Slip-resistant bathing Cool Slipper Plastic home Soft bottom Cute couple Cool slippers Flat-bottomed home new balance 574 grey Rubber slip slippers, EVE and rubber, such as the crystallization of love gives the foot comfortable and breathe freely, soles of a little arc is the secret of walking comfort . The whole pair of shoes made of seamless injection molding, lightweight super EVA material, light if tread in the clouds, the degree of softness beyond your imagination! Very fond of its three-dimensional and rich texture of new balance classic the stripes, there is a simple but thinking space design sense. Due to the material itself has skid resistance, coupled with streaks and stripes design, non-slip effect.

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    British style Martin boots flat boots women’s boots boots large size women’s shoes women’s boots motorcycle boots, boots tube inside the material is superfine fiber, England style matte leather flat with adhesive shoes, but also fresh solid suede, soles with cattle Rib material, heel less than equal to new balance for women new balance minimus trail one centimeter more comfortable, as well as cross straps, metal decoration, belt buckle and other popular elements. Whether male or female, heel height of 2 to 3 cm is more appropriate. This high degree of shoes to maintain the balance of the body center of gravity, neither new balance outlet oppression heel, it will not be the body weight on the tiptoe, to ensure comfortable feet, walking stability. In addition, the thick heel shoes than the heels of the force area, can reduce the impact of walking on the heel of people’s feet are generally a big one small, when choosing shoes larger, fat feet quasi. Toes in the shoes can move freely, heel can put a finger, this size is more appropriate. Do not every pair of shoes, each style is new balance running shorts a size, under different circumstances, the size of the feet will be small changes, and different styles of shoes size standards are different, be sure to personally try to comfortable feet, comfortable elastic As well

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