Running to lose weight is the need to find yourself a suitable amount of exercise new balance trainers uk

Running to lose weight? Morning run to grasp the three elements of change you slim!

Morning run to lose weight
Running to lose weight is the need to find yourself a suitable amount of exercise and time, if the start rushing; so not only likely to cause muscle damage, but also easily lead to running his own fear.

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Method morning jogging
The best time to run the morning or eight at night, six and seven. Running time is usually lowest is 20min, the longer the new balance mens walking shoes effect new balance outlets is more obvious. If this is the first time running, it can initially set amount of time; gradually increase the amount of exercise and time to adapt themselves. Morning hours can deplete the body more original fat, reduce fat accumulation; so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss to fat. Under no extra energy in the morning, so to be able to mobilize more body fat supply, so as to achieve weight loss results. Note that, after a run is completed need to diet, can not be with you like a lot of eating. So not new balance store coupon only did not slimming effect, the effect is also prone to weight gain.

Jogging in the morning maintenance
Running to lose weight in the morning it? If it is to lose weight and new balance shop increase muscle, then after a long time to run; the need to strengthen the supply of new balance running shoes women high protein food. For example: eggs, beef, fish, shrimp and other food. People in the long process of aerobic exercise, not only consume the fat, but also easy to loss of muscle. If, after a long campaign to timely supplement protein, which would likely reduce muscle loss. If you intend to lose weight, it is recommended that people eat less at night dinner, a meal and a half hour to an hour to go jogging 30 ~ 60min. Develop their own long-term habit of running, running for at least two weeks before you want to see change, and want to achieve new balance outlet online the ideal state, it may take more time; in short, running time sculpting the need for more long-term training and habit.

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Running the correct posture
Running to lose weight in the morning it? Face down in front, chin up, chin stretched forward, do not Shoulong up, it will make the upper body naturally straight. Before running, take a deep breath, can help chest open, allowing the upper body very value, running forward when the driving force more productive, so it will not be hard to run. Swing arms, natural elbow, and relax new balance 420 women at your sides, ring finger and little finger natural bent, the thumb, forefinger and middle finger is naturally open, without deliberate arm new balance sneaker swing. Running process, appropriate mitigation womens new balance running shoes slowed the pace, running helps to relax.

There are many amateur runners hope to raise the level faster, how should you buy new balance shoes online

Amateur runners to raise the level of three to three not

There are many amateur runners hope to raise the level faster, how should you start? Here mention a few suggestions on common reference. Induction to say womens new balance that “three to three not.”
Let us talk about three don’ts:
1, do not rush with speed pitch
Fruit usually lack of strength training, there is no regular running, the probability is very large muscle strain. Some people also like to have a long run, to a 200 new balance for women meters or 400 meters of the buildup, which is unacceptable.

2, untimely desirable Yingkang
When watching sports, we tend to go to the end of the last bit of cheer athletes, but in our peacetime new balance outlet exercise, and must not blindly adhere to. Many people exercise if adverse reactions, but also to continue to run, often there will be sports injuries and even life-threatening.

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3, running perfect posture is not very important
We do not recommend blindly imitate professional runners technical and posture. You know, the professional runners standard posture and technical support required strength and constantly repeated practice, some technical training needs through other means in order to obtain aid. new balance shop As an amateur, no conditional and time to carry out the training of professional athletes, many of auxiliary power not train well, blindly imitate professional athletes technology, will result in sports injuries.

Third, we must talk again:
1, warm-up activities are important
Before officially running for 10 minutes women new balance or more often have to prepare activities. Preparation activities are generally doing some jogging and stretching, including kick the legs, waist and other curved. Warming is to let the body from a relatively quiet state gradually into motion excited state. At lower temperatures, the preparatory activities for a suitably long time. The amount may new balance outlet online be larger.

2, finishing the movement wants more
Therefore, after strenuous exercise, do not immediately stop, but should continue to jog a distance, and then do some deep breathing or light gymnastics, so that one can prevent the occurrence of gravitational shock, on the other hand consolidation activity is to new balance shoes outlet let the blood return to the heart, the muscles waste away, to avoid muscle soreness.

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3, add water to timely
When you feel thirsty until new balance classics the body is already dehydrated. Severe dehydration can cause shock. At the same time a lot of water loss associated with sweat electrolyte loss, so the movement should not only pay, but also to replenish electrolytes. Under the conditions allow, add new balance sneaker a sports drink is a good choice.

For runners, the run is a small thing, but also a broader presence. Your body has new balance 574

Just running and is happy!

For runners, the run is a small thing, but also a broader presence. Your body has its own “thinking”, when you start, stick, continue running makes you feel happy like a child, you shock yourself gradually began involuntarily, I began to really realize what we are or who we are. Running may be a kind of constant repetition, but repetition is every opportunity for a self-transcendence.

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Why should new balance womens running shoes we run?
There motto is written on ancient Greece Olympia Alfs riverbank rock: “!!! If you want smart, run it if you want strong, running it if you want healthy, running it” for each runner and words, running mind may vary, but when you gradually “deep” when running pit, you’ll find that running has become a part of you.

With runners enjoy simple happiness
Running in many forms of sport new balance walking shoes for men should be considered the simplest and most effective way of new balance store coupon fitness, as long minimus new balance as gradual stick with it, you most obvious new balance mens walking shoes change will be reflected in their lifestyle. Pay more attention to a healthy diet, regular life, with the increasing amount of running, your mind becomes more peaceful. Like the founder of SOHO China, Pan Shiyi said: “Well, there is happiness after the finish.”

Running is all alone Terminator
Do not like running people may have many reasons, but one is because it seems lonely, a man in a park shuttle, road, back slightly decline. But in fact is precisely the charm of running in this, we have a lot of time to ladders, chat, gossip, but neglected to get along with their needs. Running is let you be alone with their best way to keep yourself running new balance thinking and progress. Only really know themselves, to better get along with people.

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Running is a deep pit and into and treasure
The development of a lot of things can not escape a simple law – quantitative cause a qualitative change, in fact, running is no exception. Many people find difficult start beginning, but with the accumulation of time and the amount of running, 5k, 8k, 10k, half horse, Malaysia and even cross-country womens new balance shoes running 100 kilometers have become possible, in the process you’ll love this gradually movement, in order to carry out running, will once again break their own limits, to find better self.

Love running, become very happy
Process in motion new balance womens walking shoes the body will secrete endorphins, commonly known as “happiness” agents, running is one of the most easily and adhere to the sport, running up happy, I do not believe you have to feel for.

Second, what is more conducive to the child’s body movement grow taller minimus new balance

Relationship Exercise and height

I. Overview
The new balance tennis shoes men reason why the impact of human movement height, because womens new balance sneakers exercise can stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, human consumption of physical games, exercise can help people lose weight, exercise can make the body fluid transition from acidic to slightly acidic, exercise can make the body fluid by the weakly weakly basic aptitude transition, exercise can also make the body fluid transition from the weak base basic aptitude, which facilitates the transfer of blood to the bones of calcium, so the movement can make the body grow taller.

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Second, what is more conducive to the child’s body movement grow taller
Parents should encourage children to actively participate in appropriate long high sports, what sports new balance new balance classics w574 mens walking shoes is more conducive to a child’s body grow taller? Such as shuttlecock, jumping new balance women rope, horizontal bar, playing basketball, pole-climbing, bungee jumping, cycling, swimming and other aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise can stimulate the secretion of growth outlet new balance hormone, helps the body to lose weight, help children grow taller body.

Third, which is not conducive to the child’s body movement grow taller
Which sport is not conducive to a child’s body grow taller? Such as weightlifting, dumbbell, lifting sandbags, competitive gymnastics anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise these oppressive, the bones of children and adolescents sneaker new balance has not been finalized, it is best not to, so as not to damage the bones, affects the body grow taller.

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Fourth, pay attention to what children movement
It is worth mentioning that, although aerobic exercise can help a child’s body grow taller, but pay attention to the size of the exercise. Moderate physical exercise helps children grow taller, excessive exercise but harmful, affect children grow taller.
Parents want their children to grow taller, do new balance womens walking shoes not let the children all day is spent on the basketball court, in order to avoid excessive amount of exercise children, affect a child’s body grow taller.

Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight, but many women in the exercise sneakers new balance

How exercise to lose weight fast new balance running follow three major laws of the body become slim

Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight, but many women in the exercise to lose weight, when will fall into errors, resulting in no effect you want to achieve weight loss, in fact, should follow the principles of exercise to lose weight, the following three major principles, you know?
Law 1: holding more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day
Every day to ensure that more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, can be jogging, brisk walking, dancing, swimming, hiking, etc., but it must be in continuous motion and activity reaches the body heat, a slight degree of asthma can be. Any specific time in the morning, afternoon or evening can be, can insist is good.
Suggest a aerobics, cycling
Cycling for aerobic training
Many gym now has a spinning, these bike design is very suitable for aerobic training, but the general cycling training rooms are too small, a lot of people in the former training room was very easy to hypoxia, although the gym This new balance minimus is designed to improve the environmental temperature , so that movement a lot of sweat to improve obesity. If the outdoor cycling to lose weight, suggested the use of mountain bike (only a limited speed of the city, the environment is not very good).
Recommended aerobics Second, jogging or brisk walking
Outdoor running will be affected by environmental constraints, choose a treadmill is also very good, open hand treadmill can help increase oxygen utilization rate of 8% and 5% of the heart rate, of course, we must first guarantee under the premise of balance before release handrails, select certain slope new balance outlet of the running womens new balance running shoes function to improve weight loss. Using the interval method exercise on a treadmill, which can be used for a high-speed exercise, turn to a lower speed cycle exercise.

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Recommend aerobic exercise three or skipping
Skipping easy to learn and slimming
Skipping easy to learn, equipment is simple, new balance minimus a small piece of open space can exercise, is a very good aerobic exercise, can be said to be inexpensive, skipping can increase heart rate and respiratory rate in a few minutes, you can lose weight in a short time prizefighter usually skipping before aerobic reduced fat as the main content, but also to exercise the whole body coordination and sensitivity.
Law 2: You can not sit or lie down for half an hour for lunch and dinner
Absolutely can not sit or lie down within half an hour after lunch, and dinner. We should engage in moderate housework, new balance for women such as Xiguo dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, organize the house and so on, back and forth. If you plan to watch TV, be sure to stand and watch, watching do turn back, leg, stepping, chest and other gymnastic movements. Put the phone away from the sofa away, stood a call.

Law 3: Try to walk
3 stations within no car, try to walk, to walk to work to change the drive to work, park your car further away, to try to walk faster pace, about 10 minutes one kilometer speed.
Taking into account the most modern women sitting mainly engaged in work, work pressure and physical activity is too small, it must be emphasized that increased physical activity, but try the sport into the daily lives, avoid consuming too much time and difficult to maintain. Movement can not only increase muscle tightness, lower fat percentage and improve the body new balance running lines, and can relax, cheerful mood, for women’s health is very beneficial. In addition, adhere to an appropriate amount of exercise is the best way new balance slip on sneakers to prevent rebound.

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Three laws new balance shoe outlet described above exercise to lose weight is to lose weight, when we must be noted that, regardless of the choice of what kind of exercise, be sure to pay attention to safety and efficient, also can simultaneously and diet control, two-pronged approach to achieve their goals.

Without medical new balance minimus center, in fact, at home, you can easily new balance stores

Look foot choose running shoes, safety new balance running finishing a marathon

If running is “firewood”, choose shoes is the “Brothers”, the saying goes: Preparation may new balance running sneakers quicken the work thing. But to wear a good knife, understand their foot type is very important lesson. Some people are flat feet, some people, when the habit of running feet “varus”, if unaware of their foot type and choose the wrong running shoes …
Remember the hours after medical examination always have such a right? Talc dip your feet into, then stepped leave a footprint on a board, the doctor will tell you is not flat feet. Such checks in the past year is very common, but now both schools or medical centers, seems to do similar checks.
For walking, perhaps affecting the foot type and not particularly large, but for running, since vacated and people in the process of landing, feet and knees need to withstand the impact of more than three to five times to stand the pressure, if not Learn foot type and are free to choose running shoes, long-term or severe will cause difficult to repair damage to the knees, ankles and other joints after running. Therefore, before choosing running shoes, we must understand their foot type.

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How to measure foot type?
Without medical new balance minimus center, in fact, at home, you can easily measure your foot type. Call a dish of water, prepare a large enough newspaper, will complete invasion of wet feet in the water but not too wet, just after the invasion wet foot should leave footprints in the newspaper, you can observe their foot type a.
In addition, if we are careful to observe through the shoes, you will find wear heel shoes, feet, foot outside is not the same, in fact, according to the degree of wear shoes, we can know their foot type.
Of course, many professional running shoes sales outlets will provide testing services foot type. The store is equipped with professional foot shape measuring instruments, such as 3D foot measuring device, the runner’s foot can be 3D stereoscopic image through the camera, and generate a variety of data, such professional test may be more measured than home accurate.

Foot type how to classify
Indeed foot type is divided to two standard reference, many users tend to confuse the Two ways.
One is divided according to the level of the arch, it will be divided into a high arch foot type, new balance womens walking shoes low arches, flat feet and normal arch four. Arch name implies, is an arch-shaped parts similar to the new balance tennis shoes women foot, from the side, the bottom of a person’s foot is not flat, but in the middle projection, showing bow-type, long-term evolution of this structure is formed, so the course of It is an adaptation of the evolution of upright walking of specific human foot crawl basically lost functions, but also won the strong support and the ability to walk upright, freeing his hands to promote the evolution of the human brain.
High arch is the womens new balance sneakers only footprints show the heel and forefoot, high longitudinal arch of the foot in the middle; normal foot arch is well developed, there new balance for women is a clear heel and forefoot medium-sized footprints imprint links; low enough Bow is connected footprints heel and forefoot mark obviously, longitudinal arch is very low, high flexibility; flatfoot is the inside of the hollow new balance walking portion footprints have minimal or no hollow portion, has a tendency to collapse inward All arches are settling.
Another type of foot division, is divided on the kinematics, ie varus, valgus and normal. This division is also sometimes referred to within feet of professional rotation, and internal rotation into less (valgus), internal rotation is normal, excessive internal rotation (varus). The reason is because the formation of pronation people jogging away from the inner side of the foot will naturally flip up 15 degrees, when the feet touch the ground again, it will start with the feet of the lateral heel touches new balance running shoes the ground, forward gradually turn inward.
If we run the process, feet touch the ground flip angle less than 15 degrees or 15 degrees, it will form a different angle of internal rotation, which is divided in our turn, valgus way.

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For varus foot man, standing upright, the observer from behind to look forward, you can see there are ankle knuckle portion outward, so most people varus foot pressure will bear to the heel, ankles, knees and other joints. Valgus refers to the outside of the foot flip, in an upright standing, observers from the rear to see, you can see the inside of the ankle part think there Angular, varus pressure when a person stands outside the main bear feet, also has a strong joints The abrasive action.

Dian tiptoe, it will bring many benefits to the body, do you believe? new balance tennis

Tiptoe body good method to teach you the recipe toes

Dian tiptoe, it will bring many benefits to the body, do you believe? Tiptoe This method is not only simple, but also damage to the body of the young, such as to avoid damage to the knee. Today we take a look at the benefits tiptoe, as well as some ways tiptoe sports bar.
Benefits tiptoe

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1, tiptoe heel kidney
Heel closely with human kidney, while tiptoe heel actually stimulate the kidney points. Kidney meridian on foot from under the little toe, oblique lines in Zuxin Yongquan, along the upstream heel and eventually a kidney bladder network. Men over 30 years old, weakened kidney, the kidney is no longer sufficient, often have cold chills, cold sore heel, leg edema and other symptoms, can benefit kidney tiptoe heel, to promote kidney through yang of the role. In the cold winter, often tiptoe tiptoe heel, is a very good Fu Yang women new balance shoes Dafa.
2, poor urine rule
Poor urine, in Western medicine is more common in benign prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis. From the Chinese point of view, it is unfavorable because new balance running shoes women the bladder gasification caused new balance 574 classic by the outside of the heel that is followed in the line of the bladder, if you insist on tiptoes feet away outside of the heel or walk, bladder health movement can make urine clear up.
3, to improve brain blood circulation
According holographic positioning theory, heel and brain also has a very close relationship. Often tiptoe heel, can effectively improve blood circulation in the brain. For those who work pressure, often with the brain of male friends, while the rest of the time, while Britain heel, while deep breathing, can make new balance running shoes women the brain energetic new balance running shoes women immediately, and can ease the tension of stress.

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4, prevent varicose veins
Occasional tiptoe only an effective method of aged care, but also can prevent varicose veins disease, alleviate some of the children vein prominent cases, this is because the people in the toes up and down, the leg muscles will be a tight one loose. When the muscles relax, arterial blood from the heart will increase the amount of muscle perfusion; when muscles tighten, squeezing blood vessels will accelerate venous blood return to the heart, thereby promoting blood circulation. According new balance 420 women to the determination, when tiptoe, each time the bilateral rear leg muscle contractions squeeze out blood volume, cardiac output is roughly equivalent to the pulse of the heart; human blood return leg, the rear of the most important bilateral leg heel against tiptoes muscle contraction squeeze. According to the relevant measurement, squeeze out every time the bilateral leg muscle contraction is roughly equivalent to the amount of blood the heart with each pulse output, it is known as “the body’s second heart.” When sedentary or long standing, can consciously do tiptoe movement.
Hing Wah Street West feet four methods:

1, tiptoe walking, medial forefoot, foot thumb play a supportive role, and kidney meridian, foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian and the foot lunar spleen through here. This massage foot yin, through kidney meridian warming yang.
2, the day tiptoe walk about 10 minutes, in the middle you can new balance mens walking shoes walk and tired to rest, to stimulate acupoints purpose can be. Every step to go 30-50, a little rest, then according to their physical condition was repeated several groups.
Speed ??can be self-regulation, in order to feel comfortable and relaxed is appropriate.
3, sitting tiptoe
Maintain the level of the knees and thighs, can be two bottles of mineral water on the thighs, weight-bearing tennis new balance exercise, tiptoes every 30 to 50 times the speed of self-regulation.
4, lying toe hook
Bed rest, legs straight and close together, the toe hook a release, feet can do together, but also new balance classic for leg exercises. If you feel uncomfortable leg, stopped to rest. Each doing 20 to 30 times, the speed of self-regulation.
Note tiptoe
Tiptoe walk a certain degree of difficulty, especially for the elderly, must be gradual, beginning of practice when the best thing around there helping.
Initial practitioners may leaning on the wall, after it without the help of skilled foreign objects up. Toes and heels alternately exercise can physical illnesses. The elderly pay attention to safety, in order to avoid standing firm and fall.
Long-term adherence, each not excessive; suffering from severe osteoporosis in the elderly, is not recommended tiptoe walk.
These are some of the benefits and methods tiptoe, in everyday life can be selected according to their physical condition.

Running fitness will consume us great strength, so after running, usually new balance 890 womens

How to eat better able to eliminate fatigue after running?

Running fitness will consume us great strength, so after running, usually feel tired and weak, in the end tennis new balance how to eliminate fatigue after running it new balance 574 red through diet? We will now look at it!
First: add sugar and protein
1, the flow of food supplements after exercise
Porridge, soup and water more fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, etc.). The flow of food with a lot of water and sneakers new balance vitamins to help the body quickly replenished.
2, eat more foods containing protein
Consumption of too much body heat will feel tired, it should eat more protein-rich tofu, lean meat, fish, eggs and the like; of course, complement proteins can not blind, do not just blindly meat and fish.

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Second: the body of water, is an important factor to fatigue movement formed
As long as you exercise too, you will have such an experience, movement in the process of the feeling of thirst, then new balance running shoes women a lot of water will have a negative stomach irritation. But I do not drink when thirsty endured right, as long as you feel particularly thirsty, new balance womens trainers it means your body has been in a dry state. In fact, during exercise could also be water, to prevent dehydration.
Replenishment methods should be replenished once a quarter, not too much water each time new balance women intervals of about every 150 to 200 ml, small mouth slowly swallow, but not too cold water, as long as relieve symptoms like thirst, within one hour The movement of warm water to fill.

Third: the loss of minerals in motion one of the factors is the movement Fatigue
1, after strenuous exercise drink mineral drinks (also known as electrolyte drinks, which contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and electrolytes), can add a lot of movement and the human body due to loss of electrolyte.
2, eat more fruits and vegetables, can supplement the loss of minerals in motion. Such as bananas can add potassium.

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Fourth: in vivo accumulation of lactic acid is another important reason for Fatigue
After the campaign tennis new balance to focus on basic food supplement. It will produce a substance called lactic acid after high intensity exercise, leading to acidification of body fluids. To correct acidification, maintain acid-base balance of body fluids new balance stability running shoes need to eat more alkaline foods after exercise. Tofu, tofu and various soy products, as well as fresh fruit, melons and vegetables, sesame, soy, ginger and seaweed mens new balance sneakers are good alkaline foods, these foods after digested, can quickly make reduce blood acidity, and balance reaches weakly alkaline, thereby eliminating fatigue.

During the winter, cold weather, we have become lazy, and do not want new balance classics

For winter sports to do what?

During the winter, cold weather, we have become lazy, and do not want new balance online outlet to go out sports, winter after all, is easy to store the meat of the season, or to exercise, tennis new balance ha, more exercise to increase resistance. And cold winter weather select the best indoor sports, outdoor sports new balance running shoes for men but also doing appropriate, a breath of fresh air is good. Here to do a summary of some for winter sports:

1. Yoga
Winter air is dry and cold, the human respiratory tract irritation larger, not suitable for strenuous exercise, that we put the motion to do something simple and comfortable indoor sports bar.
Yoga is a very good choice, through postures, breathing, meditation and other exercises, balance the nervous system, relieve stress. It moves very soothing, not sweating, the long-term practice of yoga can be visceral conditioning system, remove toxins, flexible body. Most suitable for winter season this timid exercises to help stretch muscles pull.

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2. Skiing
Winter sport is skiing essential, it brings you to enjoy the speed, but also exercise the body’s balance, coordination and flexibility. Skiing can exercise the body, its head, neck, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, waist, legs, knees and other parts, almost all the body’s joints, can get a good workout, so wearing a bloated body in womens new balance running shoes the cold season can be flexible about.
Before skiing, be sure to an ample supply of warm clothing worn should try professional ski suits, gloves and ski cap. Because of the snow reflected the strong sunlight, to avoid snow blindness, a professional should wear ski goggles. During exercise, classic new balance it may be appropriate to change clothes according to the new balance walking shoes men degree of physical fever. After the end of the exercise to the interior as soon as possible to avoid being cold.

3. Badminton
If you like to sweat large sports, badminton recommendation.
The badminton indoor sports people feel comfortable, but do not underestimate its motion effects, the data show new balance shoes for women that a formal badminton, strength bigger than a football match. Badminton very exercise while everyone’s sensitivity, even in the winter action inconvenient, but also enjoy the thrill of light movement.
To remind everyone to leave the venue add clothing to prevent colds.

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5. Walking
As the saying goes, old legs first old. The first benefit is that walking exercise waist and legs, promote flexible lower limb, so walking is also effective in preventing osteoporosis. Many people complain all day pressure, no time to exercise. In fact, walking is precisely the treatment of emotional stress, relieve the pressure of an “ideal antidote.”
Standard exercise walking is just slightly sweat, if sweating, out of breath is excessive new balance shoes for women movement, and to adjust. To walk upright, slightly abdomen buttocks, shoulders relaxed, arms drooping naturally, back and forth.

6. Table Tennis
Winter outside temperature is low, a lot of people feel cold, winter play table tennis, you can let everyone through warm-up exercises, stretching movements, the amount of activity to catch the ball and attack the body warm.
Whether it is carried out on a regular tennis game or as a general fitness activities, should be present on the ground to keep the pace moving, twist, swing, increasing the upper and lower limbs and back muscle strength, speed up the body exerciser blood circulation, strengthen the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system functions. Winter play table tennis, name of the name, the body is strong, the body healthy.

Calories new balance online outlet consumed by large winter exercise, it is a good new balance 890 womens

Movement can cause a lot of sweating the body of vitamins and electrolyte loss

Calories new balance online outlet consumed by large winter exercise, it is a good season to lose weight. Sun Yat-sen tennis new balance Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation deputy chief physician, said the winter also enhance the new balance running shoes physical fitness, disease prevention and effective way. However, the winter sports be subject to law, in order to achieve weight loss, body, fitness, illnesses and effect. Especially elderly people determined to cerebrovascular disease history new balance minimus trail also should be noted. Cold weather, blood vessel elasticity becomes smaller, and suddenly a lot of movement, will cause additional pressure on the heart, blood reduced ability to cause the body hypoxia, increasing the probability of heart disease.

tennis new balance

Therefore, these elderly people is recommended before exercise is better for low-intensity aerobic exercise, such as gymnastics, then gradually transition to dancing, boxing and other pressure to restore stability. Tip three: beware of cold fall and winter clothes were appropriate exercise, wear light clothing to soft, new balance walking shoe not too tight too thick, need to facilitate movement. You can wear these clothes at the beginning, after the womens new balance running shoes warm-up, and then gradually lose some time off can not be too much. All in all size and thickness of clothes and inversely proportional to the amount of exercise to maintain. After a workout, if sweat sweat more should be dry in time, replace wet clothes and footwear, while day temperatures in accordance new balance walking shoes men with normal clothing, to avoid heat loss. Outdoor exercise more to keep warm person, and some people who feel hot after exercise, trying to find a vent to cool off.

But this is very inappropriate. The correct approach should be to get back indoors, wipe sweat, put on clean clothes. Especially the head, back, abdomen, legs and other places, we need to do cold work, otherwise not only affect the health effects, but also cold sick. Tip four: the movement must pay proper movement sweating, the body will lead to the loss of vitamins and electrolytes, therefore autumn and winter sports but also timely replenishment.

new balance cross training

But water beverage choices also have to pay attention, to be able to replenish the nutrients lost in sweat. Ordinary purified water or mineral water, contained no or only little electrolyte, and fruit juice drinks high in new balance shoe outlet sugar content, can only provide heat, nor vitamins and electrolytes, both as sports drinks are not suitable. There are now a number of professional sports drinks, which can be targeted to replenish nutrients lost during exercise, avoid all kinds of electrolyte imbalance cramps occur, can effectively eliminate fatigue after exercise. This is a better choice. But remember not binge drinking, but should drink small amounts frequently, or give gastrointestinal burden, causing discomfort. Also note that beverages can not be too cold, otherwise easily lead to stomach cramps. Wu Shaoling reminded that after the winter to develop good fitness program, perseverance, not because the weather is cold or rainy give up easily. Exercise intensity is not more important, there are rules and adhere to is more important.