How to wear autumn and winter booties? The doorway inside can be big classic new balance

I bought womens new balance shoes the first shirt in autumn, the first windbreaker, and naturally I have to buy a new pair of shoes to make you beautiful. In autumn and winter, the boots that can be attacked become the most utilized shoes No.1. In the spring and summer fashion week just after the end of the fashion, the fashion is also the strength of the goods. Round-toe booties are not as picky as the pointed boots, so the little fairies with small pets or poor leg proportions can pick, while the pointed booties will lose the drama effect, which will increase the proportion of the soles of the feet. Little fairy, will not look top-heavy. In the choice of high-heeled, flat-bottomed or thick-heeled ankle boots will be more casual. If you are walking for a long time, you can give priority to the activities. The stiletto boots will have a strong maturity. I new balance trainers womens chose the ankle boots, and how to wear new balance running shoes them is also very particular. For example, ankle boots can be used to match a professional pencil skirt, and become a fashionable fashion mens new balance running shoes editor in a magazine in minutes.

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If you change the pencil skirt into a short mini skirt with ankle boots, it will weaken the sweet attribute bonus, revealing the personality and elegance of the natural British street style. If you are as new balance store online lazy new balance womens tennis shoes as I am, try a combination of ankle boots and a dress. The short boots are paired with a casual commuter shirt skirt, a sweater skirt and other styles. On the basis of no mistakes, there is also a fashion sense of easy chic. It is not uncomfortable to change the dress style of a girl with a romantic sling, floral and other styles. A mix of elegance. The short boots with the length of the dress windbreaker is a more formal way of opening the British style. If you put new balance walking shoes a dress in the windbreaker, you can show more than one layer of chic. The ankle boots are paired with trousers and pay attention to two principles – dew and reveal. The meaning of dew is that there must be a gap between the pants and the booties, so choose a style with a length of nine points. In the design, the style with the burr at the hem can also increase the key details of the shape, which is naturally The crowd stood out. If you don’t have jeans, don’t panic. If you roll new balance running shoes up a few layers, you can also change the pants. Otherwise, the booties are completely breathless. It is not only difficult to see, but also uncomfortable. It seems that there is something on your ankles. The trousers with a looser trousers style can not choose a nine-pointer, even if the normal length and the booties have a fluffy gap, it will not be stuffy, such as bell-bottoms or straight pants.

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