If you are a little tired of high-heeled shoes, then a nude color of the high heels is minimus new balance

Want new shoes to change shoes, you only need a banana!
Whether it is boys or girls, new balance mens sneakers high short fat thin, we are inseparable from the daily wearing new balance running shoe a single product, is a pair of feet of the shoes. But a pair of shoes and then feet, after a long time still will always slowly old! However, what sauce today found a shoe can instantly refurbished ultra-practical tips, and this little skill only need a banana can put your old shoes instantly refurbished, there is no magic, and quickly look! The The Prepare a not so cooked bananas, decisive cut into two halves, pay attention to the best half of the half! The next is very simple, and took out a pair of leather surface of the old shoes, along new balance running shoes reviews the leather surface back and forth smear, the various parts of the smear after new balance factory shop the completion of wiping with a paper towel clean! A pair of old shoes instantly into a new shoe, really is such a simple classic new balance thing, so the baby no longer have to worry about the leather material shoes for a long time after the loss of gloss, and a small banana can make it more than Playing shoes, but also the feeling of light Oh! Must be bright shiny leather material of the road to go in the end Oh! Now come to recommend some beautiful leather shoes for you!

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Want to women new balance buy a sense of cool full of light-colored small shoes of the sister paper, and now do not have to worry about the loss of shiny leather after a sense of frustration! Like this year’s hottest coarse with the square shoes to rest assured that wear it, relative to the thick buckle, fine buckle set off the United States and the United States ankle. Nude color rough with high heels, was the effect of super stick, rivets lace, mens new balance sneakers coupled with pointed design, new balance walking shoes for women more lengthening the leg curve Oh! The first layer of leather material, especially on the feet comfortable! For this year’s graduation work of the baby who, this pair of shoes really should be a pair! Europe and the United States wind style of the tip of the thin high-heel, this year is particularly popular do not say, or years of wild models it! Fine high with not only wearing a thin legs, exquisite workmanship, interview or work are very appropriate Oh!

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If you are a little tired of high-heeled shoes, then a nude color of the high heels is also very wild style Oh! This cat with the design of the belt buckle shoes, more suitable for walking tired of the sister paper Oh! Flat shoes must be preferred tip style, not only significant effect doubled, but also more seductive look good. This diamond-shaped texture of the small shoes, modeling playful, even more cute! Meng Meng round head egg rolls shoes, but also very suitable for small fresh baby Oh! Round the design is not only small feet, the whole person will become cute and most important is to walk ultra-light, comfortable very much! The last a pair of wall recommended, although it is not cortical, but it is what the beauty of the favorite Oh, whenever there is the impression that the realization of the princess dream!