In addition, if there is no way to wipe with a damp cotton cloth, you can consider new balance store

Headache ah! How to clean the new balance sneakers suede new new balance 574 grey balance classics boots dirty?
Suede boots, including velvet, velvet, corduroy, etc., velvet boots this year is also quite popular, especially velvet, in the fashion circle blowing no small popular wind. Suede shoes, although it is not easy to match, but the dirty and clean people are quite a headache. So, Xiao Bian for everyone finishing the suede boots cleaning method, into the suede boots friends quickly get up. Suede boots and other shoes are different, do not need to be able to clean water directly, over water easy to damage the new balance 574 navy suede. So if your suede shoes dirty, you can directly brush with a special brush on it, brush the time to remember the same direction to brush. Suede boots if the brush can not afford to brush things, Xiao Bian recommended sandpaper gently new balance running scraping scraping, or with a little hard brush brush out. There will be some stains are not brush, such as grunge, etc., this time you can buy the same color of the shoe powder smear in the stains of the place, you can easily get rid of; or suede boots more dirty when Xiaobian is not recommended Brush, it is recommended to use shoes powder will be more clean. Suede boots new balance running shoes men dirty out of the situation, in new balance walking sneakers addition to the use of shoes powder, you can also use the damp cotton cloth wipe, after wiping with a hair dryer cold air file quickly dry, and placed in a ventilated place, can not be exposed.

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In addition, if there is no way to wipe with a damp cotton cloth, you can consider a little brush with a toothbrush brush brush, and then wipe with a wet towel, and then dry can. Finally, Xiaobian reminded to wear light-colored suede friends, wipe the light-colored boots, you can first apply women new balance shoes a little lemon juice in the upper, and then use toothpaste brush, so that can be clean, The

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