People in the state of heavy load on foot, each foot about one kilometer walk new balance classics

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Outdoor sports, is a natural venue held in a group of collective projects. Which includes climbing, rock new balance sneakers climbing, cliffs downhill, camping in the wild, picnic, streams, adventure and other projects, most of the outdoor recreational sports with adventure, belonging to the limit and sub-extreme sports, there are great challenges and irritation, hug Nature, challenge yourself. These charms attract more and more people to participate in mens new balance running shoes outdoor sports to choose their own outdoor shoes is the problem new balance minimus we must consider. Then you need to first understand new balance womens the outdoor shoes, in order to make the right choice Oh! Outdoor sports shoes in the technical characteristics of outdoor shoes in a variety of technical indicators reflected, put it a pair of outdoor shoes should have a variety of functions, I think a pair of fine outdoor shoes should have at least five aspects of the function. In order to adapt to the outdoor complex terrain, to meet the load-bearing state of climbing or walking, outdoor shoes must have a good support, this is an easy to understand the problem. A pillar in the vertical state of the strongest load, and in the state of bending, its tolerance will be greatly reduced. Outdoor shoe support in addition to the upper has a great relationship, but also has a direct relationship with the structure of the soles. A pair of good outdoor shoes, the upper part of the usual use of tight design, the upper part of the upper and the foot can be a reliable combination of the surface, so that both can make the wearer feel very comfortable, but also better to overcome the foot around the scattered power The Thus supporting new balance 574 grey the foot vertical force, to enhance the support force of purpose.

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People in the state of heavy load on foot, each foot about one kilometer walk about 600-700 steps. This means that one foot per foot, one foot to withstand 600-700 times the impact of gravity, if the shoes do not have a good shock absorption system to alleviate this impact, one day after the trip will make the feet feel exhausted. And good shock absorption can not only effectively absorb the body’s vertical pressure, the hardness of the end of the strong can effectively resist the impact of hard ground, so that you feel relaxed when walking. In addition to walking tired due to the mens new balance sneakers impact of the ground on the impact of the brain, a good shock absorption can also reduce the vibration of the face of the brain, greatly reduce the fatigue. When you walk in the complex steep terrain, each step in the existence of a potential crisis, in this case the stability of the footsteps is extremely important, one step instability, it may cause foot or human injury, so the requirements of outdoor shoes Must have a good slip resistance, each step can be firmly grasp the ground, so that you safely take a new step. For a long journey of traveler, a longer period of outdoor life may make you experience a variety of complex climate. In the rainy days of travel, a pair of outdoor waterproof function is not only heavy, after flooding is not only heavy, and because of increased friction, the foot is very easy to hurt the foot, if in the cold season, but also easy to frostbite, so a pair of excellent quality outdoor Shoes, should have a good waterproof, many varieties of outdoor shoes using the Gore Tex film lining, can be well to meet the waterproof function.

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Outdoor shoes waterproof indicator has been a controversial focus, in fact, this is not a difficult problem to understand. Outdoor waterproof shoes and boots are two different types of products, boots in good condition under the premise of a good waterproof, but it is airtight; and outdoor shoes waterproof new balance 574 classic is conditional, it is a good ventilation for the premise The In order to solve this problem, in the process commonly used in two ways to deal with. First, with a waterproofing agent to deal with leather, processed uppers have a lotus leaf function, but this function with the wearing time and the number of scrub will gradually lose, need to reprocess. Second, the use of waterproof breathable film made of shoes in the set, but this waterproof cover sets of waterproof new balance outlet function can not be compared with the rain boots, it can only under certain conditions and a certain period of time waterproof, and the height of the water, if the water Close to or higher than the top of the waterproof jacket, shoes in a long time soaked, leather and waterproof jacket sandwich water will produce siphon phenomenon, will be permeable. It is impossible to expect outdoor shoes as waterproof as rain boots, and in the use of good maintenance to reduce damage, extend the life of shoes. The face of outdoor harsh and complex conditions, a variety of equipment is a test, a pair of excellent performance of outdoor shoes must also have a durable function, to adapt to a variety of complex terrain, if the outdoor shoes can not adapt to the harsh outdoor conditions, easily Out of the end, easily open plastic, and how to complete your journey it? So some high-end brand of outdoor shoes, have a strong durability. According to this we can think that the election of a pair of excellent performance of outdoor shoes, often the first step toward the outdoor, can not imagine a pair of good shoes can not travel, but can not imagine wearing shoes can be broken, when you are ready to go outdoors, The low-grade option means that you will lose safe protection.