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The cumbersome and fancy models can’t resist the trend change, and the simple and generous design always wins the favor of the goddess. It is also a mid-summer season. The air is accompanied by the smell of new balance factory shop flowers and sweat. It is fresh and sticky, happy and hot. It is said classic new balance that it is cool sneakers new balance and cool, so you can feel cool, not only the sweetness of the big watermelon, but also Sandals that will cool you to the bottom of your heart. For example, summer sandals, the elegant style can get all kinds of difficult to match new balance walking shoe clothing, play a variety of styles, out of the street fun tools! This summer, a popular word, called “Fairy”, whether it is clothes or shoes, pay attention to “xian”, chiffon dress reflects the “sin” of the clothes, and the “sin” in the shoes, non-revolving shoes It is. Imagining a diamond-encrusted lace around my bare feet, Imagine? Which girl would reject this shiny and shiny feeling? For so many years, square heels have been popular and enduring. Not only because of the square shape, it is very comfortable to wear, but also because of the graceful dignity from the inside out of the bone after wearing it, giving a time beauty. The square heel shoes can be well stressed and bear all the pressure burden of the feet~ not only can add extra points to the overall shape, but also add extra points for the figure.

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The style is simple and fashionable, and the upper adopts the fabric of new balance tennis shoe famous style, which is good-looking and good care. The combination of fashion and hot words brings together the national style of the new balance women literary retro, and the color coordination is distinct, gorgeous and fashionable. Enhanced visual layering. The sole is soft and comfortable, which new balance womens running shoes plays a role in lengthening the height. Refreshing and gentle ice cream mango yellow, giving a light and lively look. The combination of the shallow mouth butterfly strap and the thin heel makes the shoe body more playful and cute, even if it is a simple match, it can make you look new balance kids sneakers different. The comfortable heel design allows you to instantly increase, and walk smoothly, easy to control. Tall and sexy, get a lot of “shopping people” favor! How do you have no sandals on a hot summer day? Exquisite and charming sandals to help you decorate your feet and legs, and show off your graceful figure~

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